I cried, I cried but my cry was not as loud as that of someone else…

Someone else cried louder? Yes someone else cried louder when I was born

It was the car right beside us and unbearable was its horn

Assuming other cars would get out of the way.

But gone are those days!

Now all the cars are on the same piece of road

Stuck, staring at each others’ body which has begun to get rust

Mom says there was a time when cars moved

To me they are just house on wheels that can’t move

Daddy too came to stay with us,

In our car which now eats dust!

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My day started with a loud noise coming from the kitchen. “Deeeeee….paaa…aaaa! Are you crazy? What excuse have you cooked up for your teacher today?” I replied “Ma! I thought you are in kitchen, you are the one who is cooking!”

We’ve got a brand new SUV, you know. I know that’s an awesome thing to flaunt before friends and so I went to dad with my ever-crying face. “C’mon I should get this thing to drive to college; it’s been ages that I have been driving our small Zen everyday!”

He replied in his usual tone, “I have a meeting today with a big client, I got take this along, beta.” “Oh c’mon dad, he’s not going to come out and check your car”, I dismissed his excuse. “Neither are your friends! Betaaa…aaa” He said sarcastically.

Reluctantly I dragged my feet and went to get ready for college. But it was not going to be easy to convince me; after all I had been trying to lay my hands on it for pretty long time now. So I got ready, grabbed a bite or two of the sandwiches that had been prepared for breakfast and sneaked the keys of the car.

As soon as I sat in the car and sniffed the good smell of the new leather seats, I was almost high! I drove out of our colony, only to realize there was a massive jam all the way to the signal which was about 2 kms away.

Back home my parents had figured out what could have happened to the car and fanatic calls started coming from home. “Betaa….aaa are you crazy? Your dad’s almost got hysterical, come back and return his car!” My mon said with a shriek. “I can’t mom I am stuck here and anyway I can’t take a U-turn, also I am running so late”, I said.

She banged the phone and from as much as I know her, she would have tried to calm down my dad (though with no result) and would have told him to use the other car.

The most taxing jam of my life ended after one hour and it took me another hour to get to my college in one corner of the city. I had missed my exam as tears rolled down my eyes.

Here’s my two cents:

  • Don’t think your SUV is a magic machine and can get you to where you want, ‘when you want’. There are external factors


  • Don’t get carried away by the urge to flaunt a new car before your friends, they are least bothered as long as you are willing to ferry them for a party


  • Your dad can get hysterical if the car is out of his sight but not necessarily if you are
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